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The magical use of titanium dioxide nanopowder

wallpapers Tech 2020-02-28
I believe everyone is no stranger to titanium dioxide nanopowder, which is widely used as a white pigment. The reason why white pigment can produce white is that the pigment's powder strongly reflects and scatters light. The more significant the difference in refractive index between the two materials, the more pronounced the effects of reflection and scattering. If we make the white pigment itself into a powder, then thought and diffusion occurs at the interface between air and dye, and among the common materials, the wind has the lowest refractive index, with a value close to 1. However, this is only for visible light.

For electromagnetic waves of other wavelengths, the refractive index of the material can be less than 1, for example, the refractive index of common elements on X-rays is usually less than 1. Therefore, the material acting as the white pigment must not only be transparent, but the refractive index must be as high as possible to produce the most noticeable white with the least amount of material. To ensure that white pigments function properly in paints and coatings, we must look for documents with higher refractive index and transparency, which is why titanium dioxide finally stands out among many candidates. It has a refractive index as high as 2.7. Of course, titanium dioxide nanopowders have multiple crystal forms. The two most commonly used white pigments are rutile and anatase. The refractive index of the rutile form is slightly higher, around 2.7; the refractive index of the anatase form is marginally lower, around 2.55. Therefore, The rutile titanium dioxide nanopowder coating is generally used as nano titanium dioxide coating.

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles are not only used extensively as white pigments in paints and coatings, but they are also often added to foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics to make them look whiter.

An exciting feature of titanium dioxide nanopowder is that although it has almost no absorption of visible light in sunlight, it can strongly absorb the ultraviolet rays in it. So the sun creams with titanium dioxide because it can not only reflect and scatter visible light but also absorb ultraviolet rays that are more harmful to the skin so that we will not be burned by the sun when we enjoy the joy of outdoor activities.

Of course, the beautiful applications of titanium dioxide nanopowder do not stop there. We need to study more life applications of titanium dioxide nanopowders slowly. Silently dedicated titanium dioxide nanopowder, not only brings us pleasing white but also a better life.

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